At the Veterinary Doctor´s office Establiments we offer the following services:

  • General Medicine, Preventive and Geriatric.
    Vaccination of puppys and yearly reinforcements.
    Passports and Microchip identifications.
    Internal disparasitations.
    External disparasitations.
    Travel Certificates.
    Certificates for so called "Dangerous races".

  • Surgery: Abdominal, Castrations, Sterilization, Vasectomies, Breast Tumors, Caesareans, Matrix infections and others.
    Dental Cleaning and extractions.

  • Revisions, checkings and controls.

  • Leishmaniosis prevention and treatments.

  • Feeding
    Specific Nutrition for your pet´s life stage.
    Diets and weight controls.
    Medicines and accesories.

    (In Establiments and sorrounding areas, previous appointment)

  • Urgencies 24 horas/365 days a year.(*)
    (*) Services sendered at associated centres.

  • Hairdressing education at domicile. ( T: 661 089 366
    Canine education at domicile.(
    Canine and feline residence.(**)
    (**) Services rendered by external collaborators.

  • Project elaboration and discharge for Zoologic Nucleuses, as well as introduction and pursit  of preventive medical programs at said  nucleuses.

  • Veterinary assistance to animal breeders and protectionists

  • Counseling in animal adoption.

  • Veterinary expert. (insurance)

  • Collaborating Veterinarian in sanitary control for sacrifazing campaigns of pigs for human private consumption (Trichinella/Triquinosis)

  • Video conference service with our client thru Skype

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